Life and Career Coaching

What is holding you back?

Do you have a dream you want to purse but you convinced yourself not to follow? 

Do you feel you are not good enough and you constantly pressure yourself to achieve higher? 

Do you feel frustrated with your life because you feel you are stuck? 

Do you feel you are not achieving your goals even though you know exactly what you need to do? 

My name is Amy and I am here to help you lead a happier life

We all consciously or unconsciously build our own walls of limitation. 

When we are inside of those walls, we are comfortable and we stop exploring and growing. 

In order for us to grow, we need space. 

It’s only by breaking down those walls we can open up our vision to see far, lengthen our spine and stretch out to the sky.   

I want to be the chisel that help break down your wall.  Bit by bit, we will make a crack big enough to let the inner you free. 

Transformation does not happen overnight, but we will get there together.