Declutter your wardrobe

Before the new year starts, we tend to want to declutter and tidy up our space. This process gives us the time to reflect on what happened during the year that is ending and let us refocus on what we really need in our lives now and for the future. 

I was chatting with a friend earlier today and she told me how difficult it was for her to clear out her wardrobes.  

“I mean, there are many things I don’t need but I kept them just in case”.  

Her “just in case” included old magazines from 15 years ago and dresses she bought in the US 12 years ago which she hardly worn.  She told me clothes are harder to get rid of compared to her other things.  I got curious so I asked, 

“The clothes you haven’t worn for many years, when are you planning to wear them?”  

My friend’s face lit up when she heard this question.  She turned it around and said 

“So you are saying I should ask my clothes – when are we going to wear you? and if the clothes don’t talk back, that means our relationship should end”

That wasn’t exactly what I asked, but my friend used her imagination and turned my question into an interesting technique to how to declutter.  My friend is right.  Things we have in our lives are things we were attracted to once upon a time.  We felt some connections therefore we felt it was necessary to purchase those items and bring them into our lives.  We grow every day and our lives change all the time.  What we needed in the past may not be what we need right now.  Check your relationship with your things.  It may be the right time for you to let go so you can invite new wind to your life.


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