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What is Work-life balance

What would happen if I suddenly disappear?

Working for a Japanese trading company for the last few years, I’ve been wondering what would happen if I suddenly disappear.  Would the company get in trouble?  Would someone miss me? Or would everyone just carry on as nothing happened and find a replacement to fill my role.   

A couple of years ago, my boss, the head of accounting department suddenly passed away due to a heart attack.  He was young.  I don’t know his exact age, but he was definitely younger than 60.  He had worked for this company for over 30 years and only a couple more years away from his retirement.  It was a real tragedy as he was genuinely a nice guy.  One of the reasons why I joined this company was because of him.  His unexpected departure caused a lot of sadness to his friends and family and to everyone in the company as well.  

After he passed away, a lot of adjustment needed to be made so our department could function.  My immediate manager had to take on a lot more responsibilities and the parent company dispatched a couple managers from Japan to London in order to stabilise the situation.  It’s been a year and a half since his departure and from time to time, we remember of him and feel nostalgic, but as a department we have moved on.  His desk was moved away and our department is carrying on as usual. 

The reality is..

I think this incident answered my own question.  The company will and can go on without me.  My absence may cause a little inconvenience for a short amount of time, but it would never stop the company’s operation.  To be honest, I think that’s how a company should function and that’s why we should remember and prioritise our life accordingly. 

There is only a finite number of hours in a day and there is only limited time that we will live on this earth.  We can dedicate all our time to work, but is that really what you want to do?  “Prioritise what you want above what you should be doing”.

I want to leave these questions with you.   

What do you want to remember when you close your eyes at night?  

What memory do you want to create for you and for people around you?  

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