About Me

Hi Everyone, my name is Amy Hsieh.

I’ve worked as a qualified accountant for many years.  Although I enjoy this profession, I’ve always felt something was missing.  Coaching came in my direction when I started to search more for what that ‘something’ was. Through coaching, I found a fresher way of thinking and gained more clarity in what I want in life. Coaching people gives me great joy and fulfilment.

Change is not something you get spoon fed. Change is something you need to want it from within.

I will not be able to fix your life, but I will create a safe, collaborative environment for us to work together and explore to find the next steps to reach your goal.

Random facts about me:

  • I was born in Taiwan but grew up in Japan and UK.
  • I spend 20 mins before breakfast on stretching and practicing yoga.
  • My favourite superheroes are Batman and Spiderman.
  • I have a cute elephant animal footstool named Paopao.
  • I love Japanese manga and I can read them all day long. 
  • My favourite manga is One Piece