How it works

It all starts with us meeting in a free initial session.  The session will lasts between 45-60 mins and cover the following points:

  • To find out about you, your situation, challenge or aspiration
  • To discover what you want to achieve from coaching
  • For you to find out about me and how I coach my clients
  • To answer any questions you may have regarding coaching and working with me
  • To discuss the various coaching packages I offer

Areas I have worked with clients include:

  • Changing Career
  • Starting a new business
  • Manage stress in a work environment
  • Time management
  • Relationship with family
  • Weight Loss

A session lasts 60 mins and we can either meet in person or online or both.  Face to Face session takes place only in Central London.  We will meet at a convenient location; typically this will be at quiet cafes or hotel lounge located in Zone 1/2. 

Feel free to get in touch.  No obligation, I would love for you to take advantage of this first session.